If you were ever wondering exactly what is near and dear to the heart of a musician, I’m about to reveal the answer.
No, it is NOT adulation and large amounts of money, although that would be very nice.
It’s dancers. That’s right, it’s the presence of frolicking, leaping, gently swaying dancers, enjoying and animating the music.
And I can report from personal experience, there is nothing like being on stage playing, and seeing happy people dancing. Hey listen — my younger brother John is a violist with the L.A. Symphony — you’re thinking stodgy, right? But occasionally, at the Hollywood Bowl especially, people will break out dancing to classical music — his report: sheer happiness!
I’ve already reported to you on another characteristic of the heart of the musician — unadulterated generosity of spirit. We’re the ones called upon to play and raise money for every cause from eco-disasters to school fund drives.
And on Wednesday September 9th, at Petaluma’s Aqus Cafe (in the Foundry Wharf) a large number of Petaluma’s finest musicians will perform to raise much needed funds for the Petaluma City Ballet. Doors open at 6:00PM, the ticket price is a modest $20.00 (although you can donate more, and that would be nice) — and the show is a guaranteed sell-out — with only 50 seats, so call the Ballet Studio at 762-3972 and reserve your space now!
Hillside Fire, Tone Bent, Arann Harris of the Green String Farm Band, D’Bunchovus, Chris Samson, Al Haas, Amy Hogan, Hannah Miller and Tom Lanphar from Anza will perform two Jackson Browne songs each — which will make for a fast-paced cinematic evening — and Jackson is one of the most emotionally honest and up-front songwriters ever, so prepare to be touched.
It will be a beautiful night.
Proceeds will support the Petaluma City Ballet’s 2009/2010 season of dance, and ultimately, that’s what the musicians are celebrating!

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