What a remarkable outpouring of love and friendship at the two benefits that went off a week ago! The Michael Whitwell celebration at Grazianno’s, and the John Gaines benefit at the Tradewinds were both well attended, with generous contributions significantly helping the causes.
So, thank you!
Besides the contributions of the musicians — which is a great strength and “natural” resource in our community — a few individuals really stand out as instigators, organizers, dedicated planners and tireless promoters: for the Michael Whitwell celebration, Peter Welker continues to be an inspiration to our community. He walks his talk, and puts his trumpet where his mouth is. You know what I mean?
And Linda Lipps – wow – what a vibrant spark plug that gal is! She really should just step up to the mic and sing about it, because her sense of flow and organizational acumen are so right on the money. Yes, other people contributed, but all of us would agree that Linda is a lightening bolt of energy.
And at the John Gaines benefit at the Winds – Johnny Campbell has become the poster child for selfless compassion in action. The Pulsators, his group of the past 30 years, has played more benefits than anyone. He is the undisputed king of benefits. And yet, at each event, he puts heart and soul into it, and so do the members of his band.
It “takes a village” to make an event successful – but everyone in the village will agree that Peter, Linda and Johnny get gold medals (and angel wings).
Now – not all of us are cut out to be event superstars. Everyone makes a contribution to the well being of our community in their own way. And everyone working together creates the successful outcomes we want to achieve.

I’ve learned, from my many years of experience with Musicians Helping Musicians, that a very light contribution from a whole lotta people is a lot easier to achieve than asking a few for as much as they can give.

You’re so smart! You see me sneaking up on you in plain view, and you’re STILL reading! Bless you!

I’m talking about the Redwood Empire Food Bank — and the Holiday Canned Food Drive campaign that Zone Music, Oliver’s Market, Backdoor Disc, Windsor Collision Center and Healdsburg Collision Center are staging — with the promotional help of the KRSH 95.9FM.

Look – everybody’s doing it — we’re just joining in and supporting what really is a regional effort. Everywhere you look you’ll find big barrels with “Please Donate Food” signs. Your part is not to fill the barrel, but to simply add a can, or two, or three.

And here’s why: Our “image” of who needs food is skewed by media and by the homeless people who show up occasionally with cardboard signs saying “hungry!” at the off ramp at 101 and Washington.

In fact, kids and elders combine to form the biggest group of people who need assistance. Personally, I can’t stand the idea of kids going to bed hungry — or of our elders running out of food by the 20th of the month. Neither can you, right?
But it’s more than that even — the Redwood Empire Food Bank also feeds the disabled, and families who are under-employed and unemployed. A whole lot of people who never imagined that they would need the basics, like assistance with FOOD, need our help.

And it is so easy for us, who live in this world of abundance and ease, to donate a can or two of tuna, or beans or soup or something else good. Please don’t feel that the plight of the hungry is on YOU. All you have to do is help out a little — that would be enough!

OK? Hey – gold medals for everyone — because our hearts are in the right place.

Lets put our cans there too!

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