Who works the piano?

The goal of education is to provide our youth with resources and tools - and to encourage their active exploration of this amazing world - guiding them towards making the contributions that they choose to make in life.  Somewhere along the line, the enforced robotization and homogenization of our next generation of worker bees became [...]

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No Place Like Home!

I just returned from a few days in Santa Fe, where I attended the premiere of a movie called "Dreaming Heaven" by the same people who brought us "What the Bleep!" The movie is about the experience of going through a Toltec spiritual process, at Teotihuacan -- a beautiful site of ancient pyramids in the [...]

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A Musical Flea?

  Yes, it is possible to have a musical flea!  At Zone Music, we've seen them  jump and skitter around many many times. The craziest thing, considering that musicians run and over-run this event, is that musicians have organized and produced what can only be called "a majestic and strange gathering of dreck and debris, [...]

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The secret is out.

I'll admit it; I've been secretly setting up a media empire.  Or, not so secretly, as these things go, because now you are in on it.  The empire?  Face the Music. I started this morning, with my show on the KRSH - 95.9 FM, - the show? Well, it's called Face The Music.  Every Friday [...]

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Manic Depression

The Psychiatric Institute of America just released a "White Paper" titled "Stress Factors in the Modern Age" - essentially, it is an analysis of the key stressors facing individuals in our modern times.  The paper is a little "dry"  - but I'm happy to pass along what I gleaned from it. First of all, Jimi [...]

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PLEASE! Keep this to yourself!

I first heard Teresa Tudury perform this past New Years Eve -- at the Sebastopol Community Center, as part of the evening’s festivities.  I was also on the bill, doing a couple of songs and the midnight ceremony - my mission at midnight was to suggest to 350 drinking cavorting people that they move to [...]

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Get your act together!

On Wednesday March 31, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Gailene Elliott will present a FREE voice and performance workshop that will show you how to get your act together, and also, how to KICK ASS IN YOUR NEXT PERFORMANCE! OK -- those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, go ahead and click [...]

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Was Jimi right?

"You got me blowing', blowing my mind...  is it tomorrow or just the end of time?" Well it turns out that Jimi was right. We're talking Jimi Hendrix, and it is the end of time. Ask any rabid evangelical Christians, and they will tell you too - these are the end times - this is [...]

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14 words to a sane state!

A million or so years ago I agreed to play bass for Michael Barclay - the brilliant blues guitarist, songwriter, and all around consummate musician. Michael had been complaining that the bass players available to him all wanted to "funk" it up with thumb popping displays of virtuosity. Poor Michael just wanted someone to hold [...]

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Not what you think -- it's the D'Bunchovous show tomorrow night that has sold out.  Sorry, I guess I'm to blame for talking about how amazing this group is. I promised, as a consolation prize, to post MP3's of  a couple of tunes -- one written by Gary Grubb "Like a Ghost"  and one written [...]

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