Weekend Update

Wow.  The response to the D'Bunchovous concert, coming up this weekend, has been phenomenal.  Look, my advice is that you call Peg Grubb at 707-763-0100 and pick up some advance tickets ($15.00) because there are only 25 seats left.  This is the band that I recently wrote about, that actually has FUN when they play, [...]

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What makes a pro a pro?

"A pro a pro"?  We're not talking Pongonese  here, although the level of misunderstanding about what qualifies a musician as a professional is so high that we might as well be visiting the islands of Pongo for the very first time. You might think that it's about some level of competence, or tests passed in [...]

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Kicking and Screaming!

Hey - the FREE Money Management for Musicians seminar is tomorrow – Saturday March 13, at 2:00 pm hosted by Zone Music in Cotati. Many years ago, as a young musician, you would have had to drag me kicking and screaming to a seminar on Money Management for Musicians! I was going to be a “star.” [...]

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Are Musicians Oxymorons? Find out here:

You might think that the idea of "money management for musicians" is one of those oxymoronic statements - like "jumbo shrimp" or "military intelligence." We’ve all heard the stories about well-known recording artists in debt to their record companies even after several hits.  Or megastars like M.C. Hammer, who make millions, yet end up filing [...]

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The buck stops here…

Thanks to many of you for responding so positively to my notion that California's cash crisis is the result of lobby induced inaction within our state government.  Specifically, I spoke about how the big internet lobbyists, like Amazon, are benefiting hugely from the current sales tax inequity (online out of state purchases are sales tax [...]

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grab your datebook!

Larry Potts is hosting a brand new "Songwriter Spotlight", evening at the Aqus Cafe, starting next Wednesday night, March 10, 7pm.  No cover.   This showcase will bring in known songwriters from both the local scene and from elsewhere in the Bay Area and beyond.     Next Wednesday night will feature two artists: first, Javier [...]

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Did I hit a nerve?

I live in Petaluma (and have for over 30 years) but my business, Zone Music, is located in Cotati - where in desperation for some cash, Cotati has proposed an increase in sales tax of 1/2 a percent - funds which would go directly to the city. Like most responsible citizens, I support Cotati in [...]

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Haiti benefit outcome (and income)!

I received a nice summary of our recent "To Haiti with Love" benefit held on Thursday, February 18th, 2010 - from Shennon O'Donnell, who was the sparkplug and organizer who really made it all happen. The day started out with 15 different dining establishments coming together to donate 10% of their sales to Doctors without Borders, [...]

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Rock & Roll 101 ignites

Rock & Roll 101 meets every Friday, right after school, at Petaluma Junior High School. Directed by Preston Bailey, the program teaches young musicians how to argue about band names, how to form and break up groups, how to strike a pose on stage and how to start, play and stop a song together. It's [...]

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Wednesday night live show was amazing

We had a great time at our first Wednesday Night Live -- I invte you to check it out!  Just click on this link, and you'll get the new "Face the Music" You Tube video: Face the Music at Zone Music Gabby La La's new adventure with Thistely  the Ukulele Lady - a case of [...]

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