I'm a typical musician - nothing inspires me more than something new, something I've never heard before. And that extends beyond the latest new riff to an area where all of us have seen the same old thing over and over - the benefit for a worthy cause. Well, here in Petaluma, the "benefit" has [...]

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Reach out to Haiti — Thursday Night

Sparked by one of the North Bay Area’s favorite singer songwriter performers, Linda Ferro, a benefit show for Haiti has come together this Thursday night, January 21st, from 6:30 PM on - at the Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa - who are generously donating their venue. Ticket price is a $10+ donation to Red [...]

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Food for Thought

What a remarkable outpouring of love and friendship at the two benefits that went off a week ago! The Michael Whitwell celebration at Grazianno's, and the John Gaines benefit at the Tradewinds were both well attended, with generous contributions significantly helping the causes. So, thank you! Besides the contributions of the musicians -- which is [...]

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TWO plus ONE equals YOU!

We're not talking about a newly uncovered hit from the 60's by the Thirteenth Floor Elevator... but, first, before I explain, and before you do another thing, put this in your date book as a "must attend" musical event: "A Celebration of Life" honoring the memory of Michael Whitwell, this Sunday, November 1, from 4pm [...]

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Why do people like loud music? Really, in evolutionary terms, isn't it somewhat like people who like to swim in sub-zero Arctic waters? Why do we enjoy something that essentially hurts and is not good for us? Or, is swimming in icy waters the only way to get that super high harmony? Back on dry [...]

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Secret Agent Man

First, put this in your date book as a "must attend" musical event: A Celebration of Life honoring the memory of Michael Whitwell, Sunday November 1, from 4pm until 10pm upstairs at Graziano's in Downtown Petaluma. Musical guests will include Peter Welker All-Star Band featuring vocalist Jeff Oster, Crossfire, Hillside Fire, D'Bunchovus, Chris Samson and [...]

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Lookin’ LOUD!

I was playing guitar, in an old country bar, in Occidental... (sounds like the intro to the Stone's "Honky Tonk Women" doesn't it?!) But it's true -- I was the lead guitarist in a country rock band called "Big Wheels" that played weekends at the bar at Negri's Italian Restaurant -- it had a nice [...]

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Oh when the saints…

There used to be a sign over the bandstand in a honky-tonk bar in New Orleans that said it all: "Requests:  $1.00 -  "Oh when the saints" $20.00" Telling, because there is SO much more to the music of New Orleans than "oh when the saints go marching in."  Like gumbo, the piano music of [...]

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Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?

If you play electric guitar, you know that you owe a debt of gratitude to one of the most innovative geniuses to ever tune up and turn on. Yes, we're talking Jimi. Now, imagine that more than 3000 guitarists, recognizing the unprecedented contribution that Jimi made to guitar music, gather at Golden Gate Park to [...]

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Petaluma has the blues, and it’s red!

I admit it, I am a total shill for every and any benefit that musicians contribute their heart, and in this instance, their soul, to. There will be a benefit for Music Education in all Petaluma area schools this Saturday August 29th, at the Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds. Start time for the 2nd Annual Wine, Jazz [...]

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