Yes, you’ve been wondering, “Where the heck did Frank go?”  And I’m the first to admit that spending most of June in alternative realities is no way to build a media empire.

How the heck is Face the Music going to rule the world if I keep wandering off?  Well, I’m back, and I’m here to let you know, that I can really shake it down!  Good loving’!

Ok, there it is again – I just wandered off into a dimension we call Rascals territory

What I meant to say is:  a very special concert by an amazingly creative musician has brought me back, to tell you once again, with 99.9% accuracy, here is a show you will not want to miss!

It’s the Bruce Kurnow concert, this Saturday June 26th, from 7PM to 9PM, at the Petaluma Arts Center at 230 Lakeville at East Washington.  Yep – plenty of parking, and a very nice venue for live music.

First, though, about Bruce:  he is a musician’s musician, a consummate creative artist who plays blues harp and angel’s harp with equal elegant musicality — and who plays keyboards with the best of them. He has toured the world with major acts, and was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame way back in 2007.  That’s just a start for this “Americana” legend.

I could tell you more, and more — but let me just tell you this — at Norton Buffalo’s Memorial Service, it was Bruce who played the live music accompaniment to the celebration of Norton’s life.  In any dimension you care to visit, this guy is a MONSTER!

You read it here on Face the Music, and you can hear Bruce live Friday morning between 8AM and 9 AM on the KRSH 95.9 FM’s  Face the Music — I’ll interview him, with DJ Brian Griffith,  and Bruce will play some live harp, plus we’ll play a track or two off of one of his many many CD’s (42 to be exact) — hey, this guy is prolific!

The doors will open at 6:30 on Saturday night — tickets are $15 if you buy them in advance from Peg Grubb at 763-0100 (You know I love Peg for her unrelenting advocacy of really great music brought home to us here in Petaluma, for our sheer enjoyment!) 

Tickets are $18.00 at the door, and would be a bargain at twice that price.  I personally guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy spending an evening with Bruce – and the fact that I came back just for this show should tell you that this will be a very special night!

So, see you there! Or here – when we get there.  You know what I mean… this inter-dimensional travel thing can get confusing.  Bottom line – don’t miss this show!

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