Not what you think — it’s the D’Bunchovous show tomorrow night that has sold out.  Sorry, I guess I’m to blame for talking about how amazing this group is.

I promised, as a consolation prize, to post MP3’s of  a couple of tunes — one written by Gary Grubb “Like a Ghost”  and one written by Tom Farnham “When You Know” — both beautiful pieces — hey I played Like a Ghost this morning on the KRSH 95.9 FM and it sounded great and we got calls — WHO is that?

So — here goes –listen and enjoy — and next time, grab the advance tickets when I first mention it – then I won’t feel so bad!

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OK — that didn’t work — the “Add Media” upload to Petaluma 360 totally stalled out.  Hey guys!  this is PETALUMA MUSIC here — what’s the deal?  Well, while we get the media upload repaired (and this is a test to see if anyone is home in tech support!) we can always do this the old fashioned way — you can email me, and I will email you two tunes, and you’ll see, or rather, you’ll hear, what you missed!

Email me at     and I’ll send you some D’Bunchovous.

How’s that?  A band that sold out for free.

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