Who would think that musicians would organize a musical instrument and equipment flea market and swap meet that sets up at 7:30 AM and opens to the public at 9 AM?

Could it be the lure of the pizza?   Fresh, hot pizza by the slice, from Giovanni’s in Cotati — a musicians breakfast.  Nice, but that’s not it.

Is it a chance to stay up all night on Friday night?  Do we really need a reason to do that?  Didn’t think so!

We’re talking about the Zone Music Flea Market, this Saturday April 17th – if you’d like to sell your surplus gear, this event is free, space is free, and we’ll even have coffee for you at 7:30AM!

Here’s your chance to clear out your garage and closet of years of used, but still cool, musical instruments and equipment – and, it’s a chance for other musicians to SCORE that cool gear at a fraction of it’s regular cost.

It’s going to be fun – and whether you are selling or wheelin’ – dealin’ – trading, and just carrying on, you will have a great time, guaranteed!

Hey, this isn’t an ad for Zone Music – this event is a community service — space for vendors is provided for free, and the event is open to the public for free!

You’ll see mountains of used gear – this is the Mt. Everest of music flea markets.  So, bring a Sherpa to help you out to the car.  Or, if you can’t find a Sherpa (or a roadie) we’ll help you get back to civilization.

Bottom line – if you’ve got a Marshall stack in your dining room, this event is for you – and if you want a great deal on a great deal, this is your event!

Contact me:    frank@zonemusic.com   and I’ll make sure we reserve a free space for you.  Or, call me at 707-664-1213 ext 107 if you have any questions.   Come join us Saturday April 17th, starting at 9:00 AM for the best deals on musical gear you’ll ever see.

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