Jimi said it best:  “Have you ever been experienced?” 

Well, the Zone Music Community Flea Market is your chance to experience the biggest collection of used musical instruments, amplifiers, drums, keyboards and p.a. and recording gear you have ever seen!

Remember the ski swap meets of many years ago?  The ski community used to be a community — now what are they?  Besides cold?  Well, musicians are a hardier lot – we seem delicate and poetic, but under that sensitive looking exterior, we’re tough as nails and willing to get up at the crack of dawn to be at the Zone Music Community Flea Market at 9:00 AM — to catch the best deals and to share a pizza – the musicians breakfast.  The event runs it’s course and is essentially over by 2 or 3:00 PM — so come early.  

If parking at the store is full, there is plenty of parking across the street at the Park & Ride lot — it’s a two minute walk back to the store.

Check it out:  there are over 40 vendors  – for example – Robert will be there with his famous “Slide Zone” – 40 or so of the finest slide guitars you’ve ever seen — from collector items to modern slides — this guy is totally into it, and you can be too.

Rick Cutler — rock drummer, is bringing a load of kids drum sets — that’s right — drum sets for kids.  Cute, right?

Ron Sargent is bringing a load of sitar guitars, and other odd duck instruments.

Greg Bedford will be giving haircuts (his day job) AND selling rare and cool instruments.  And Zone — hey, we just brought in 50 Ibanez “B” stock instruments to make sure you’re getting the best deals.  We just got a load of Fender Squire instruments too.

Along with strat copies for 79 bucks, and acoustics that list for $250.00 for 99.00 bucks — plus more deals than can be listed.

The bottom line?  It’s an early event.  We musicians just stay up all night tonight.  That’s our secret.  But if you make it sometime in the morning, you’ll have a blast, and maybe score something really cool too.

It’s free.  We do this as a community service, and to celebrate spring – spring cleaning that is!

See you there!

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