Did you know that “Cinco de Mayo” is a manufactured celebration, like a Hallmark Holiday, designed to sell more Corona beer?  It’s true — I happen to personally know the Corona Beer family – they owned a hotel in Cabo that I liked to stay at, and I got to know them, and the story.

Yeah, there was a battle being commemorated, but that was just the excuse for a party.  I don’t need an excuse for a party!

In Mexico, the real celebration observed by the people of Mexico occurs on September 15th, Dieciséis de Septiembre, which marks the start of Mexico’s struggle for independence after almost 300 years of Spanish dominance.

I’m giving you this background so that you can understand that it was an act of respect for the true national holiday observance that we took into account when Zone Music decided to celebrate our idea of a holiday:  Ocho de Mayo.

Ocho de Mayo, of course, translates to “Eight Mayonnaises.”

We decided that this Saturday would be as good as any other day to celebrate — that would be May 8th (coincidence?  Hmmmmm) – the taco truck will pull in at 12:30PM for lunch and the music – Sabor Latino – featuring Loretta, Duane, Mateo, y Fernand – will entertain us with beautiful music from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

The music is free, the tacos are delicious, and the store will celebrate with special deals.  Come by and join us!

By the way — Zone sent out an email about this event, and we got a little blow back – one angry ALL CAPS person told us that they would boycott this event and Zone Music because they were opposed to anything Mexican — including Mexican people, Mexican music and Mexican food.

Turns out they live in Santa Rosa.

Anyone else enjoy the irony of that?

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