Last Saturday night (Feb. 6th) was a classic. First, the Petaluma Music Festival held its start up party for sponsors, fans and friends, at the Lagunitas Brewing Company.

There was live music, beer and wine, home made snacks, a video, and a lot of conversation – a real gathering of people who care about the quality of life in our community.

Then, the Larry Potts performance at the Petaluma Arts Center was a celebration of community — a classic in it’s own way, with a tremendously talented and creative artist performing in a uniquely intimate setting, for a sold out house of people who were totally into it!

We’re talking a lot of heart here in Petaluma!

The Petaluma Music Festival is planning its 3rd annual event, with proceeds going to benefit music education in our community. The Festival organization is a registered non-profit, and donations are fully tax deductable.

You know how I feel about benefits, and about music education, so I’ve got to admit that I love these people.

Last summer’s event (called the “Petaluma Wine, Jazz & Blues Festival”) was totally professionally organized and produced, with just the right mix of food and drink — with interesting vendors and a stellar line up of world class music, that included our own local legends, like Peter Welker, and the Casa Grande Jazz All-Stars.

Then the week of the event, last August — we had a monumental heat wave. And, the day of the event — temperatures of 104 degrees with a blazing sun. Not exactly wine tasting weather, right? Look — I put on events, and I feel for what happened — we have no control over the weather, and our very best laid plans can end up drenched or fried. It was a heart breaker.

Now, with months of advance planning available, the Festival organization with the help of the Lagunitus Brewing Company, have hired a shaman to work on weather regulation — you know how shamans can make the rain come, right? Well, after a few brews, they can make it mellow too.

Go to for more details. Or contact Cliff Eveland at — or call him at 707-769-9650.

Here’s the bottom line: At the very least, buy a ticket (they can use the funds now). It’s only 25.00, and did I mention that their mission is to keep music in the schools? Yes, you can donate more and become a Founder, a Patron, a Promoter, Partner, Principle or Totally Angelic — it just takes a few bucks for this worthy cause — and it will be great fun too!

And, a final note about the Larry Potts performance: What a sweet night, and a totally enjoyable musical experience. The Petaluma Arts Center room sounded great — the acoustics were warmed by the beautiful wall hangings on display — and the art complimented the music visually as well. It was a classy evening. Larry’s new CD “Close To Home” is an enjoyable piece of work, and I recommend it. Kudos to the Petaluma Arts Council for presenting such a fine event – and don’t despair if you missed this show – stay tuned – there are more concerts to come!

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