OK — you rock! Your neighbors know it, the clubs and parties you play know of it, and so do your fans, friends and family.

Now, how the heck do you reach the rest of the world?

Well, if you are a Petaluma based musician or band, you start by sending your photo, with a bio, a link to your web site, and up to three MP3’s (or your CD) to:


How cool is that? In a world that doesn’t seem to care, Petaluma’s community web site – Petaluma360 – actually wants to hear from you!

This is the start of a new feature – “Petaluma Band of the Week” – that will help our local music scene grow by publicizing our incredible field of talented musicians.

Hey, if you live elsewhere, you might just consider moving to Petaluma, because this local community feature is for Petaluma musicians and bands only.

This “package” of photos, links and tunes, is called your “promo pack” in the music industry — and it becomes more powerfully persuasive when you have solid press coverage included — so this is really one of the first steps leading to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me — I can help direct you to Petaluma resources for photography, recording, fashion advice, and anything else you might need to create your promo pack. It worked for “Lady GaGa!” and it can work for you.

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