OK — it is too much to ask to have you recall the 60’s.

Especially if you weren’t there. Hey, neither were we! At least we don’t remember it. Wait — does “All you need is love” sound familiar?

And then, there’s the 70’s. Anybody remember the 70’s?

Didn’t think so.

I have vague remembrances of the 70’s, usually sparked by meeting a nice older lady in Whole Foods, who looks vaguely familiar – and chatting for a couple of minutes while desperately trying to get a handle on exactly WHO this person is – when she gently reminds me that we used to LIVE together, in the 70’s. Ouch.

Then, there is the 80’s. Finally – a long ago decade that we can actually remember! Especially the music.

Remember the vibrant freshness of smash number one hits like “Hungry Like the Wolf” (Duran Duran) “Down Under” (Men at Work) “Man Eater” (Hall and Oates) and “Billy Jean” (Michael Jackson) — I could go on and on, but that’s what the band is for!

And the band?

Thanks for asking, it’s Petaluma based Choppin Broccoli!

Fun, right? – Choppin Broccoli is coming to Tres Hombres in the downtown theater district, this Saturday night, Feb 13 — the show starts right after dinner, at 9:30 PM.

There’s plenty of room to dance, or just listen and be transported to a gentler, kinder era when skinny ties, and tight jeans ruled, and when tequila was the vice in Miami Vice.

Turns out that Tres Hombres is the perfect way-back location, especially since tequila is not an alcoholic beverage, but a hallucinogen. OK — there’s the 60’s in me going off.

But seriously, check it out, Tres Hombres is a fine Mexican food establishment, and has become a central hang out scene for Petaluma nightlife. You won’t need to drink anything to have a good time because the band is HOT!

The Choppin Brocolli guys nail the 80’s sound, in large part because of their stellar musicians — Alec Furhman for example. Alec is a brilliant guitarist, and solo performer (using the new “loop” technologies that create a one man band in the right hands) –so of course, Alec is handling the keyboards — the heart of the 80’s sounds.

And Mark Benanti, brilliant classical nylon string guitarist, who performed a world class CD of the nylon string guitar styles of South America, yep, he’s playing BASS.

Add Zone Music’s Manager, Neville Hormuz, who shines on electric guitar, Rob Daly on electronic drums and John Coyle, who nails the distinctive riffs of the 80’s on electric guitar – and with everyone singing beautiful harmonies, you’ve got an amazing band.

And you girls want to know “OK they sound good, but do they dress up in 80’s clothing?” Of course! And so can you. Hey I’ll be there, and most of my clothing IS from the 80’s. Dress up if you want to – you’ll fit right in.

And it will be a party! If you didn’t get to experience the 80’s in person — this is a night you will always remember!

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