Zone Music is hosting a FREE live music show tomorrow night at 7:00 PM with Petaluma artists Gabby La La and with Tom Farnham, Gary Grubb, and Pamela Joyce – the acoustic core to D’Bunchovous.

This event kicks off a series of “Wednesday Night Live” artist showcases that will include the presentation of pro resources for the benefit of our local community of musicians, on topics like marketing, promotion, production, performance, local and national endorsements, and, money management for musicians.

If you are a musician, and would like to take advantage of this free series – especially if you want to play live at Zone – join us Wednesday evening, at 7:00 PM, February 24th, at Zone Music in Cotati.

For example – if you are a Petaluma based musician, listen up! Chris Samson, Editor of the Argus-Courier, Petaluma Magazine and Petaluma360 is launching a new weekly series on featuring Petaluma musicians and bands — and YOU are invited to submit the following if you would like to be featured:

1. Photo (in JPEG format)
2. Bio
3. Up to three MP3s of your songs
4. Your Web site

Just email these materials (called your “promo pack” in the industry) to

Hey, if you live elsewhere, you might just consider moving to Petaluma, because this local community feature is for Petaluma musicians and bands only.

This “package” of photos, links and tunes, is called your “promo pack” in the music industry — and it becomes more powerfully persuasive when you have solid press coverage included — so this is really one of the first steps leading to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

I covered how beneficial this will be for one’s musical career in a recent blog:

The plan is to export this excellent idea to ALL of our local media outlets, so that the larger community becomes keenly aware of the vibrancy of our North Bay Area music scene.

So — if you are a musician (or if you know a musician, please forward this to them) our plan is to light a fire in our local community and get a higher level of recognition, performance opportunities, and professional resources for the extremely talented musicians who life here — our “scene” is about to take off, and we want to see YOU on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine!

I’ll talk about all of this in person on Wednesday night — please join us!

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