We had a great time at our first Wednesday Night Live — I invte you to check it out!  Just click on this link, and you’ll get the new “Face the Music” You Tube video:

Face the Music at Zone Music

Gabby La La’s new adventure with Thistely  the Ukulele Lady – a case of  ukuleles’ gone wild! And John, Tom, Pam and Gary from D’Bunchovous — what wonderful musicians! Not only inspirational — but totally fun — they actually enjoyued performing, and let it show –one guy in the audience mentioned that he actually felt like he was a part of a community! It’s a bit of magic when that happens!

This evening marked  the beginnings of a collection of programs providing real world support for the talented musicians in our community – with pro musicians contributing expertise and knowledge in the areas of production, promotion, marketing, performance, and money management for musicians.

For example: Gabby and Thistely are specialists in internet connectivity, and creating viral communities — they’ll do a work shop in late March of everything from Facebook management to creating on-line community — more details soon, when we pick a date.

And Blair Hardman — on Saturday — in Zone’s ProTools recording studio — Blair will present a workshop that will cover everything from” song to shrinkwrap “– everything you need to know –the  cost is 10.00 –you can  register by calling Blair at 664-1221 — the workshop runs from 1 to 4:00pm and will open your eyes as to how to do what the pro’s do!

Parabar Weber –keyboardist for the Tasmanian Devils, and a financial guru — will do a workshop on  money management for musicians — Saturday March 13th — free — 1 to 5  –  contact me to sign up for this mindblowing experience — who’d think that musicians and artists could actually determine their financial destiny?

Then, Linda Ferro, one of our most beloved songbirds, will lead a  songwriters workshop –with  performance, pro tips, problem solving, and with many additional songwriters contributing to a powerful support group – — creating a songwriters circle. It’s about time!

And, hey! Petaluma based musicians and bands — check my “Cover of Rolling Stone” blog for details on starting on the path to stardom. These are just a few of the offerings that came out of our collective  recognition that our North Bay Area musical community is really special and worth helping!  Check my blog for more — and feel free to forward this to musicians you know!

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