On Wednesday March 31, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Gailene Elliott will present a FREE voice and performance workshop that will show you how to get your act together, and also, how to KICK ASS IN YOUR NEXT PERFORMANCE!

OK — those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, go ahead and click on through to something else “entertaining”, like a book review or a You Tube clip.

 Actually, we’d like you to stop reading this, now.

Because secrets that you have no business knowing are going to be revealed.  So, scat.  Go on.

Those of you who play music and perform in front of people, YOU know what I’m talking about. We’re talking about how you can learn to become more effective at the presentation of your art. You could take years and years learning by trial and error.  That’s essentially what I did. And now, now that I know how to effectively communicate on stage, it’s too late! 

Too late for musical stardom anyway… I may have a chance with literary fame, because you’re still reading this, right?

The deal is that Gailene rocks, OK?  

She’s been the vocalist with everyone from the Mix, (famous here in the North Bay Area) and the 7 girl lead singer super group, the Hi-Beams, to the nationally recognized New Orleans based Running Pardners, with Art Neville.  

Now, still performing locally in a number of projects, but sharing her mojo as a pro voice and performance coach, Gailene will let you in on the tricks that the pro’s use, and will show you how to become a really effective performer.

Want a personal testimonial?  My great friend and long time musical collaborator, Richard Hughes, and I were working on a CD project of original tunes a number of months ago — we had great basics, with “place vocals” (vocals done as markers for the real vocals that were to come later) – and we had made the mistake of proceeding with the additional tracks – lead guitars, slide guitars, keyboards and so on – and after a lot of work, we had created a masterpiece.

Except that, now, we were in a position of having to sing at a masterpiece level, and honestly, we weren’t cutting it.

 We needed help.

I researched the field of vocal coaches – we needed someone who knows modern music, and who could relate to the material we were trying to sing. I heard some of Gailene’s work, and just knew she was the “one.”

So, swallowing our pride and the idea that we were experienced professional rock & rollers, we went to Gailene, and asked her for help with our vocals. She shared a number of exercises and tips that helped us quickly pull our project back on track — we were able to hit the high notes, and to express the “meat” of the message of each song, with conviction and power that had been a little missing.

Could we have done it without Gailene’s help?  Well, no.

We would have gotten some sort of tracks, but not the performances we were able to produce.

And we learned a valuable lesson:  when you record your basics, THAT is the moment that the real deal vocal absolutely has to be laid down — before you proceed with another thing. 

We had decorated the cake, but under the icing, there WAS NO CAKE! — Thanks to Gailene’s help, we not only got cake, but we enjoyed having her lay down a number of harmony and support tracks that helped make our project shine.

I’ll share more on how you can hear some of these tracks later.

For now, lets get back to YOU.

If you are a singer-songwriter — if you are beginning to perform, or even if you are already a performer, who is wondering how to score more gigs and grow a fan base, this is perhaps the most important workshop Zone has ever presented for performing musicians.

If you are serious about performing live, and want to move your audiences with convincing performances – and if you would like to perform at open mics, or on stage at the local clubs, or at Zone’s Wednesday Night Live series, this is a must attend event!

Once again — it’s FREE — join me for a voice and performance workshop with Gailene Elliot, at Zone Music in Cotati – part of our ongoing Wednesday Night Live series – this Wednesday March 31, from 7:00PM.

Or do what I did  – do it the hard way over the next 15 to 20 years.  Your choice.

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