I’ll admit it; I’ve been secretly setting up a media empire.  Or, not so secretly, as these things go, because now you are in on it. 

The empire?  Face the Music.

I started this morning, with my show on the KRSH – 95.9 FM, – the show? Well, it’s called Face The Music.  Every Friday morning from 8AM to 9AM I cover what’s happening in the North Bay Area for that weekend — with special focus on CD releases, special concerts, and the amazing musical talents that grace our community.

I have a Face The Music blog, that you are reading right this minute, as well as a line of sports clothing -suitable for yoga or dancing your ass off – and a line of healthy fruit flavored ice teas that incorporate a substance similar to Bean-O.  Don’t ask.

Unless you are willing to Face The Music.

OK – back to business:  I had Teresa Tudury on the show this morning — playing live, and chatting about her background (with Rolling Stone Magazine, drinking and partying with Mick Jagger and Hunter S. Thompson) – her European years, and her cats.  Oh – and her really stylish cowgirl boots.  She’s a babe!

And Teresa is an amazing musician, first of all – she is  an amazing songwriter  who combines real wit and charm with a subtle & sly wickedly funny take on everything she turns her mind to.

She’ll be performing on Saturday night at the Petaluma Arts Center, at 230 Lakeville — the old train station – and it’s a comfortable and “good sounding” venue – perfect for intimate encounters with incredible artists like Teresa. 

Doors open at 6:30.  Michael Capella — a very fine multi-instrumentalist, will be supporting Teresa — Michael is a very happening musician in his own right — with CD’s and lots of projects going on.

Hey – we got calls, in response to Teresa’s live performance while we were on the air:  “Who is THAT?”

Obviously, those of us who know and love Teresa have a hard time believing that there is anyone out there who doesn’t – but what the heck, welcome to the fan club!

There are only a few tickets left at this point – you could try calling Peg Grubb at 763-0100 — there might be a ticket or two left.  Even profoundly music saturated industry vets like Brian, my co-host on Face The Music said, “do you think Peg can get me in?”

If the tickets are gone, I am sorry, and I have to remind you that I give you plenty of warning in this blog whenever a really hot show is on the horizon – so really, if you are calibrating your “blogger” reliability, Face The Music is up there at 98% to 99%.

Oh – a quick word about Peg — the words: “tireless promoter and advocate for bringing really good music to Petaluma” come to mind. 

She’s a girl after my own heart – ready, willing, and able to Face The Music!

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