Yes, it is possible to have a musical flea!  At Zone Music, we’ve seen them  jump and skitter around many many times.

The craziest thing, considering that musicians run and over-run this event, is that musicians have organized and produced what can only be called “a majestic and strange gathering of dreck and debris, salted with treasures and jems, all at bargain basement prices, in a frenzy of early morning wheeling-dealing-trading-buying-selling-and eating pizza for breakfast!”

Who would think that musicians would organize a musical instrument and equipment flea market and swap meet that sets up at 7:30 AM and opens to the public at 9 AM!

Maybe it’s the lure of the pizza?   Fresh, hot from the oven, pizza by the slice from Giovanni’s in Cotati — the musicians breakfast — almost like being out on the road.

OK — we can’t hide the truth from you.  You’re obviously on to us:  the truth is that we just stay up all night on Friday night.

We’re talking the Zone Music Flea Market, on Saturday April 17th – a chance for musicians to clear out their garages and closets of years of used, but still cool, musical instruments and equipment – and, it’s a chance for other musicians to SCORE that cool gear at a fraction of it’s retail cost.

I’d like to point out two things: first, you can’t do this online — you have to be alive, and willing to get out there in your physical body, join in the fun, and see what’s happening! 

Second, this isn’t an ad for Zone Music – we put this event on as a community service — space for vendors is provided for free, and the event is open to the public for free!

And the gear is always priced so cheap that it’s almost for free!

And we’re talking mountains of used gear – hey, I’m used to having tearful wives come up to me, saying “Thank you, Frank, for giving me back my garage!”

But I’m also used to hearing “Damn you Frank!  Where is all of this c&*%# going to go?” 

So, if you have spare gear that you want to move along, like that Marshall stack in your dining room,  — this is your event!

Just contact me at   and I’ll make sure we reserve a free space for you.  You can also call me at 707-664-1213  ext 107 if you have any questions.  Like “will there be Canadian Bacon with Pineapple slices?”

And if you want a good deal -actually, a great deal – and a great slice of pizza to go with it, come join us Saturday April 17th, starting at 9:00 AM for the best deals on musical gear you’ll ever see.

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