I just returned from a few days in Santa Fe, where I attended the premiere of a movie called “Dreaming Heaven” by the same people who brought us “What the Bleep!”

The movie is about the experience of going through a Toltec spiritual process, at Teotihuacan — a beautiful site of ancient pyramids in the high plains above Mexico City.

And lots of fun for me too, because I’m in it, along with a couple of fellow Toltec “guides” –  Lee McCormick and Gini Gentry. The music, by Dana Walden, is superb – and Lee has a couple of tunes  (he’s a bar-room-brawl country singer) and I have a tune (I am after all a rock musician, and pyramids are built out of…. that’s right!) – so the soundtrack has some mojo! I’ll give you the specifics of where you can see it when it comes around!

So  – I flew back to the Bay Area last night- and waded through the intensely crazy heavy bumper-to-bumper 5 MPH traffic – in order to get up early this morning and continue building my media empire on Face The Music – KRSH 95.9 FM Friday mornings at 8 to 9 AM.

Hey – I LOVE the high desert — Santa Fe is beautiful, with Kodachrome high-contrast colors – snow on the mountains, antelopes playing in the wide open spaces, ropes of chili peppers for sale at roadside stands –  but boy was it good to get back to the North Coast.  Our beaches, the Bay, even the Petaluma River — having this much water around us really does temper and soften the energy here — and it adds extra flow to the music that comes out of the North Bay.

So here’s the show:  Sunday April 11, at the Mystic, in downtown Petaluma, the Green String Farm Band and Sean Hayes — the doors open at 6PM the show starts at 7:00PM — it’s an all ages show, and admission is 15.00.

I caught both of these acts at the recent Benefit for Haiti that was held at the Mystic – and totally enjoyed them both — especially seeing the kids rock out to the Green String Farm Band — maybe I was hallucinating, but the place filled with chickens, and ducks, and cows, and goats, and pigs, and we were surrounded by fields of fresh organic produce…  was that just me?

And Sean Hayes (no relation to Bonnie) has an elegant and charismatic presence — I totally enjoyed his music, and the stripped down emotionally evocative quality his songwriting captures.  Definitely an artist worth catching NOW while we’re young.

And it is good to be home.

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